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Broken: Number 17: Unicorns

A father is explaining unicorns to his son

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Broken: Number One

Broken: Number One This is the very first ‘Broken’ comic strip. I hope you enjoy it. I’ve also created a fan page for this series: Click on the image to enlarge If you like it, ‘Like It’ and ‘Share it’

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Writing For Children


Today I have a jackpot website for anyone interested in writing for children. This site is put on by author Rachelle Burk, and is a real gem. It’s an extremely simple website, one page actually, and it has resources

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The Rabbit and the Skunk – A Fable


By John Dadlez, A rabbit had been travelling for some time when he came upon a thick wood. He looked up one way and down the other to see if it was possible to go around, but saw that the

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The Sheep and the Farmer – A Fable


by John Dadlez, There was once a group of sheep that lived wild and free. They roamed the countryside, went where they wished, ate the food provided by God, and raised their children. But these sheep were stupid and began

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The Contest – A Fable


By John Dadlez, One day a king received news from his royal astrologers that foretold a terrible catastrophe would befall his kingdom. The king asked if there was anything they could do to prevent it? They said, “No.” The king

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The Man Who Wanted To Live Well – A Fable

by John Dadlez There was a man who worked very hard to become wealthy. He had a gift for making money, always saved it, never spent much and reinvested, and said that he would retire when he had made enough

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The Kingdom of Perfect – A Fable


by John Dadlez In a country not too long ago lived a king. This king was vain and arrogant, and thought, as most powerful people do, that his way of thinking was the only right and proper way of thinking.

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The Prince and the Fool – A Fable


The Prince and the Fool (A Fable) By John Dadlez Once there was a young prince who was jealous of his older brother because he was first in line to become king. So the young prince began to spread lies

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A Second Chance – A Fable


by John Dadlez, A man died after living a long, and what he thought to be, very successful life. In his lifetime he had acquired much wealth and power. When he died his soul went to Heaven and he stood

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